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herlonelystar wrote in passingooc
So, if some of you are familiar with the Sailor Moon canon, specifically the last season, you'll know that in the series everyone's got a Star Seed (or a Sailor Crystal if you're a senshi. *STARES AT FELL*) that makes them them.

In the manga, Usagi's ... somehow capable of sensing ones' Star inside of their hearts. It's not an ability that's really that big of an issue but I just wanted to make sure that if and whenever I thread with you that it's okay if I can say Usagi can feel said Star.

It'll be different from character to character and we can always figure it out in this post or on my AIM (moon in gorgeous) or if you feel like it, adding me on my plurk right here. C:


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Things Usagi Might Likely Notice:


Mercury is a senshi, and as such her star is a true star seed, the star seed in charge of planet Mercury. (This also means this is indeed the true senshi of Mercury and not a fake, etc.)

Her sailor crystal is definitely darker than natural, both metaphorically and I have intentionally chosen a darker blue in the icon, so literally as well.

It is not corrupted by Metalia any longer. Just as Kunzite purified himself from Metalia's energy in PGSM canon, Mercury followed those footsteps when Metalia's purpose was fully revealed. However, some shreds of darkness from that may remain, and Ami's own darkness certainly does, as it has gotten the upper hand.

Laharl's star is...okay, despite all his claims of being the most evil Overlord to have ever existed, his seed is actually leaning towards good rather than evil. The fact that he's wearing a pendant that should burn all those with evil intentions without any harmful effects should clue people in, though.

I have no idea what this Star Seed thing is, but if she and Naruto ever meet, sure! So lets talk then! O: ... It looks different for everyone or something like that?

Well think of it this way: a Star Seed is essentially a soul and personality of a person but actually given a name and a form. What I'm basically asking is if Usagi's thinking about it, is she able to tell if you have one. C:

Does that make any sense? /hopes it does

Oh, so, they all look the same, its just if you have one or not?

Pretty much. C: I ask because it's not going to be the same from character to character and while this is mostly a Sailor Moon canon thing I'm going by it's still something that I think should at least be noted.

It's fine for her to see Vanille's!

Hers will probably look like this? Since she has a crystal for her abilities.

it's okay by me if you want to. Cloud's 'inner crystal' will be stolen shamelessly from Dissidia in this case. Seen here and here in more blurry form. Basically a fist sized crystal ball of glowy mako. What that means other than the boy's got an overabundance of mako in his system though is anybody's guess.

/adds you on plurk c: i'm menaceonkeys so you won't think it's someone you don't know~

Buffy: Usagi will most likely feel a lot coming from this chick. The chosen one with an old soul dating back to the start of time. She's also dead, so she's free to sense that. If you need anything answered etc. let me know. So excite about having a Sailor Moon :33

Adam: is kind of a big time evil guy. Big charm, lots of manipulation, that sort of thing. But in his dreams he's much .. idk nicer? More of his ~true self shines through. His insecurities, his secrets, his jealousy at never really /being/ something. So, again, if you're not familiar with Heroes don't hesitate to ask for more.

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